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Where to Stay

Le Gray, Solidere
British Harper's Bazaar, British Harper's Bazaar, Financial Times, W Magazine, DailyCandy, Tatler, Wallpaper, Financial Times, Financial Times, Wallpaper
Wallpaper praised this 80-room, super-stylish boutique hotel in Beirut's Solidere district, by hotelier Gordon Campbell Gray (One Aldwych in ...
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Phoencia Hotel
British Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar reports, "The revamp of the Phoenicia is... creating a stir -- the city's landmark hotel celebrates its 50th anniversary ...
Hotel Albergo, Achrafieh
DailyCandy, Tatler, British Harper's Bazaar, Our Friends
Beirut's original boutique hotel, located in the Christian neighborhood Achrafieh and featuring a pool and panoramic views of the city. Cozy, pri ...
Four Seasons Beirut, Minet El Hosn
Tatler, Financial Times
Stylish 26-story luxury hotel in Beirut with an "ultra-calming spa" [Tatler] and a spectacular rooftop, private lounge. The FT's T ...
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Monroe Hotel, Solidere
Our Friends
The best of Beirut's boutique hotels in terms of value. Faces the marina on the sea. ...
Palm Beach Hotel
Our Friends
Boutique hotel located by the sea just a short walk from downtown. Fantastic, panoramic views from the trendy, open air pub on the roof. ...

Where to Eat

Liza Beirut, Achrafieh
"Somewhere between a boutique hotel and a private home in aesthetic, restaurateur Liza Asseily’s brightly lit eaterie is set in the 19th-c ...
Momo at the Souks, Souks
Hip new restaurant in Beirut by acclaimed restaurateur Mourad Mazouz (Momo and Sketch in London, Le Derriere in Paris), featured in Wallpaper's July 201 ...
Burgundy, Saifi Village
Trendy new wine-bar / restaurant in Beirut by oenophile Ziad Mouawad. "Tucked into an old sandstone vault in the newly restored Saifi Villa ...
"Grab an outstanding, casual lunch at Tawlet, (which means kitchen table in Arabic), a truly special spot where a different regional home chef p ...
Centrale, Safi
Centrale is a Tatler dinner pick for Beirut, featured in its April 2010 article, Beirut Express: The Best of Beirut.  "Bernard Khoury, ...
Tatler, Our Friends
Tatler writes, "You may have to sell your soul for a table [at Casablanca], but it's worth it -- this is Beirut's answer to Le Caprice. ...
Chez Sami, waterfront, just outside central Beirut
"Overlooking the waterfront just outside central Beirut, Chez Sami is the best spot for traditional Lebanese cooking and plenty of freshly caught s ...
Tatler, Our Friends, Tatler
Fancy French restaurant in Beirut, where the walls are covered with French artists' doodles and there's a waiter per person. Tatler called&nb ...
Tatler, Financial Times
Tatler says Gruen is "HQ for ladies who lunch in Beirut. Everyone orders the spicy marouk wraps filed with rice and lentils." In Decmeber 2 ...
Abdel Wahab, Achrafieh
Our Friends
Good spot to sample typical Lebanese cuisine, located in the heart of old Achrafieh. Great mezze, nice cold Lebanese beer, enjoy views from the terrace ...
961 Beer, Gemmayzeh
Our Friends
Beirut's first micro-brewery.  Cool, minimalist-industrialist space featuring many types of beers and very good Lebanese fusion food.   G ...
Al Mayass, Achrafieh
Our Friends
Delicious Armenian/Lebanese food served in a cozy setting. Book in advance. ...
Balthus, Downtown
Our Friends
Typical French brasserie serving very good food. Good spot for a business meal in Beirut. ...
Kitsch, Gemmayzeh
Our Friends
A cool cafe, boutique, and bakery in Beirut.  Fun, funky spot for sandwiches, salads, and homemade baked goods such as cupcakes. Located in Beirut' ...
Mandaloun Grill, Gemmayze
Our Friends
Mandaloun Grill is great place for yummy steaks in Beirut, according to our friends. ...
Metis, Achrafieh
Our Friends
Groovy place to hang out, have a drink and listen to music in Beirut.  Try the blossom martini. Excellent Asian fusion cuisine is served. ...
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