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Rayén Vegano

Las Letras

A Vogue pick for vegetarians in Madrid.  "Fresh, inventive, and colorful fare can be found at Rayén Vegano.  [Located] in the Las Letras neighborhood... the tiny, bustling café is a testament to the beliefs of cofounders Noemi Chianetta and Paulo Aillapan.  Although they don’t adhere to a specific regional style, their overall aim is to offer 'vibrant and creative food—especially for skeptics who say they won’t enjoy vegan fare because of a lack of satiation and/or flavor.'"  [Vogue]  Learn more about Rayén Vegano and other Madrid vegetarian hotspots in the attached, January 2018 Vogue travel review. 

Rayén Vegano is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Madrid, Las Letras, featured and recommended by:
Address: Calle Lope de Vegas
Phone: 34 675 38 20 72
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