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A favorite Havana restaurant of Cuban-American fashion designer, Natalia Miyar.  "For lunch, we’ll head to Starbien for classic Cuban food. It serves the most delicious vaca frita – literally, “fried cow” – which is shredded beef seasoned with lots of garlic and lime, and fried until crispy. For dessert it’s guava cheesecake, which we walk off along the Malecón (seafront). The ocean feels ever-present in Havana, particularly here, where the waves crash and bathe you in sea spray."   [FT]  Learn more about Havana's cool scene in the attached, December 2017 FT How to spend it review. 

Starbien is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Havana, Vedado, featured and recommended by:
Address: Esquina L y K, Tunel de La Habana
Phone: 53 7 8300711
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