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Ensenada, Mexico
A great road trip for foodies in the San Diego area, two hours away by car in Ensenada, Mexico.  FT restaurant critic Nicholas Lander featured Manzanilla as one of his top restaurants picks for 2017.  "Manzanilla might be the professional home of Bonito and Solange Molina, with their daughter Oliva, but it is also a mecca for those keen to savour exceptional seafood from the deep, cold waters nearby. Oysters, abalone, totoaba . . . each was memorable. Solange tried to stem my compliments, insisting, 'It is just the ocean’s bounty.' But it was more than that — it was also the feeling with which Solange served the food cooked so expertly by her husband."  [FT]  Learn more about Manzanilla in the attached, December 2017 review.
Manzanilla is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in San Diego, Ensenada, Mexico, featured and recommended by:
+ Financial Times December 8, 2017"Nicholas Lander's best restaurants of 2017"
Address: 130 Recinto Portuario
Phone: 52 646 175 70 73
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