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Silver Lake
"A buzzing, laid-back seafood spot in Silver Lake, Sawyer is a friendly space that opens up onto an essential outdoor patio laced with fresh herbs, creeping fig and olive trees and striking tile work underfoot. This further highlights the restaurant’s informal atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to sample chef Alex McWilliam’s understated fare that includes tidbits such as delicious soft shell crab sandwiches served on squid ink bread."  [Wallpaper]  Learn more about Sawyer and hotspots for L.A. California cuisine in the attached, September 2017 Wallpaper travel review. 
Sawyer is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Los Angeles, Silver Lake, featured and recommended by:
Address: 3709 Sunset Blvd.
Phone: 1.323 641 3709
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