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A Mere


"Some of the most interesting places to dine continue to pop up in the 10th Arrondissement — including A Mere, a contemporary bistro helmed by a young Brazilian chef, Mauricio Zillo," writes the New York Times. "Trained in the art of cooking many different global cuisines, having worked in kitchens from Lyon and Dubai to San Sebastian and Milan, Zillo serves original but shrewdly composed dishes like green tomatoes with raw yellow pollock, black currants and faisselle, a slightly sour fresh cheese."  Click here to learn more about Paris best new restaurants from an October 2015 NYTimes review. 

A Mere is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Paris, 10th, featured and recommended by:
+ Our Friends October 14, 2015
Address: 49 rue de l’Échiquie
Phone: 33 1 73 20 24 52
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