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Bistroy Les Papilles

An insider foodie favorite, run by Bertrand Bluy, an alum of that temple of haute cuisine, Taillevent.  Good value,  around 35 Euro for a four course meal.  Nicholas Lander writes for the FT, "Buy works hard on all fronts. He explains the menu to each table, opens the wine, cuts the baguettes, rolls the napkins and prepares the plates for the cheese course. He does all these things because the kitchen is only big enough for Tom, his longstanding chef, and an assistant. This lack of space dictates the style of service too."   Lander further remarks, "At our lunch a luscious pea soup was served in a tureen, the plates already garnished with peas, croutons and crème fraîche; the main course was a large dish of slow-cooked lamb with aubergines, red peppers and tomatoes that was left on the table; dessert was a cool glass filled with layers of fig, panna cotta and caramel. Not Michelin presentation, but the food itself was the star."  [FT]  Learn more about Bistoy Les Papilles in the attached, October 2014 FT review.
Bistroy Les Papilles is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Paris, 5th, featured and recommended by:
+ Financial Times September 26, 2014"Restaurant Review: Bistroy Les Papilles (Paris, 5th)"
Address: 30 rue Gay Lussac
Phone: 33 1 4325 2079
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