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La Parada


"This cool tapas joint is popular with a new breed of wonky-haired Capetonian," writes Tatler about La Parada in October 2014.  "Hop onto a bar stool, stare at the retro flamenco posters and shout 'si' to octopus with potatoes, crunchy ham croquettes and calamari with salsa verde.  After that, dive into a bowl of cinnamony rice pudding, which you'll want to order again straight away."   Click here to learn more about Parada from a November 2014 NYTimes review. 

La Parada is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Cape Town, Centre, featured and recommended by:
+ Tatler October 2014"Travel Review: Cape Town"
Address: 107 Bree S
Phone: 27 21 426 0330
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