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Chao Shan Cuisine

An FT casual, foodie pick for Singapore, by Nicholas Lander. " Seah and Koh Hoon Liang... the couple who run it... serve Teochew cuisine, the food from a coastal region of the Chinese mainland, whose people began to settle in Singapore in the 19th century. Teochew cooking is not considered to be the most refined of Chinese styles but perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much. The approach is simply to take good ingredients and let their flavours speak for themselves."  Rave reviews for the roasted suckling pig (order in advance).  "Its skin was the most magnificent lacquered amber, the meat sweet and succulent," writes Mr. Lander about Chao Shan Cuisine in the attached, May 2014 FT review.   Good value.
Chao Shan Cuisine is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Singapore, featured and recommended by:
Address: 85 Beach Road
Phone: 85 6336 2390
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