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"In the last few years, Paris, particularly in the eastern arrondissements, has had a miniboom of laid-back, tiny, Brooklyn-meets-bistronomique restaurants," reports The New York Times.  One of the most buzzy is Bones, a new resto headed by 32-year old Australian chef James Henry.  "By 10 on a recent Friday night, the intimate space, a former Irish pub — a D.Y.I.-style pastiche of exposed pipes, stone walls, concrete floors and patinaed white tiles (its bones exposed, as it were) — was jammed with mostly 20- and 30-somethings, as well as several tattooed and bearded waiters weaving through the tables. Yet the atmosphere was unpretentious and the service friendly." [NYTimes]  Click here to learn more about Bones from a February 2014 NYTimes review. 

Bones is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Paris, 11th, featured and recommended by:
+ Our Friends February 20, 2014
Address: 43, rue Godefroy-Cavaignac
Phone: 33 980 753208
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