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The House of Machines


Cool new biker's bar in Cape Town, serving coffee and healthy food as well.  "Man and machine are honoured at The House of Machines, a bike shop-cum-café harboured in the ground floor of an renovated former workhouse in Cape Town," writes Wallpaper in the attached, September 2013 travel review.    "Also housing a fashion outlet, stationer, craft-beer shop and workwear boutique, it aims to function as a cultural go-to destination in the South African city."  [Wallpaper]

The House of Machines is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Cape Town, centre, featured and recommended by:
+ Wallpaper September 23, 2013"September travel news: editors' picks"
Address: 84 Shortmarket Street
Phone: 27 021 7855754
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