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East Village

Wallpaper praised this new "understated-chic" restaurant in the East Village by superstar chef Wylie Dufresne.  "Food is gloriously iconoclastic, focusing on traditional dishes such as ‘pigs in a blanket’, but assembled with modern alternatives like Chinese sausage and Japanese mustard. And with such daring cocktails as the cheekily named ‘Love Oolong Time’ (tequila with five spice, grapefruit and oolong), Alder is sure to challenge and delight even the most seasoned foodies."  [Wallpaper]   Learn more about Alder in the attached, June 2013 Wallpaper travel review.

Alder is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in New York City, East Village, featured and recommended by:
+ Wallpaper May 20, 2013"May travel news: editors' picks"
Address: 157 Seventh Avenue
Phone: 1 212 539 1900
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