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La Table d'Aki


This tiny, 16-seat "one man show" restaurant in the Seventh by acclaimed chef Aki Horikoshi is causing a stir among Parisian foodies.   "Mr. Horikoshi serves as chef, prep cook, pâtissier, dishwasher, you-name-it-he-does-it.  Working in an open kitchen, he prepares a menu that centers on fish, producing sophisticated dishes that sparkle with freshness and flawless execution."  [NYT]   A typical menu at La Table d'Aki, without wine, runs around 40 euros. At dinner, there are prix fixe menus for four courses (46 euros) or five (60 euros), without wine. Click here to read a November 2012 NY Times review of La Table d'Aki.

La Table d'Aki is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Paris, 7th, featured and recommended by:
+ Our Friends November 28, 2012
Address: 49, rue Vaneau
Phone: 33 1 45 44 43 48
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