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Jae Fai

Great spot to sample top-notch street food in Bangkok.  "[At Jae Fai], the prices are a bit above the norm, but Jae herself whips up the killer crab omelettes and pad kee mao (drunken noodles) – consistently rated among the best around – in a wok over coals on the pavement next to her modest eatery, advises Maria Shollenbarger for the FT's How to spend it in the attached, October 2012 Bangkok travel review.   Good value, noodles and omelette for two, £12.

Jae Fai is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Bangkok, featured and recommended by:
+ Financial Times October 26, 2012"How to spend it: Bangkok"
Address: 327 Thanon Mahachai
Phone: 662 223 9384
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