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Pouic Pouic

6th, St. Germain

Cool affordable bistro with a simple decor, convivial vibe.  Buzzy St. Germain bistro Pouic Pouic serves serious food to "post-party-goers with big appetites."  The New York Times calls it a "hidden gem of Europe," a "sliver of a bistro" where young Romanian-born chef Michael Pascale makes magic from his open kitchen.   At breakfast, you can nurse a hangover on  ham-and-cheese omelets or maybe spaghetti carbonara.  At lunch and dinner, enjoy starters like chicken and foie gras terrine, and main courses like squid ink pasta with mussels and wild chanterelle mushrooms, and pig cheek with creamy puréed potatoes.  Good value, from 35-45 euros for a three course meal.  Click here to learn more about Pouic Pouic and other "hidden gems of Europe," selected by the New York Times in October 2012.

Pouic Pouic is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Paris, 6th, St. Germain, featured and recommended by:
+ Our Friends October 15, 2012
Address: 9, rue Lobineau
Phone: 33 1 43-26 71 95
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