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Sloane Square / Chelsea

A cool club of London's young smart set, comprising a bar and Mexican restaurant on Sloane Square, by Prince Williams' and Harry's pal, Guy Pelly.  Pelly tells Vanity Fair, "I don’t like places that take themselves too seriously, and there’s nowhere in London that’s done the Mexican or tequila thing really well, so we created Tonteria.” "The interior, with its hand-painted tiles and large Mexican plants, was inspired by places such as Oaxaca. And because [co-owner Marc] Burton and Pelly both love theatrics, drinks [are] delivered in las calacas (skulls) by waiters... dressed in bespoke costumes and demonstrating their moves in authentic Mexican dance. [Vanity Fair]  Learn more about Tonteria in the attached, October 2012 Vanity Fair review.

Tonteria is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in London, Sloane Square / Chelsea, featured and recommended by:
Address: 7-12 Sloane Square
Phone: 44 20 7896 9988
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