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Super-buzzy new foodie restaurant on a quiet street in Fitzrovia by young star-chef Ollie Dabbous. Dabbous is always booked. Savvy Londoners flock there because of the briliantly-simple way in which food is prepared and its good value (The FT's food critic's three-hour lunch was just 49 pounds). Tim Hayward writes for the FT, "Food is presented at Dabbous without posturing and with minimal exposition, and from that simple start point, it blows you away." He further comments,  "Critics have heaped praise on Dabbous and they are right to do so. Hospitality is not just food but the generosity of spirit with which it’s offered, and Dabbous pulls this off – the highest quality cooking that’s accessible not only in price but also in its intent and its delivery."  In August 2012, Tatler featured and praised Dabbous in its restaurant column.  Learn more about Dabbous in the attached FT review.

Dabbous is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in London, Fitzrovia, featured and recommended by:
+ Tatler August 2012"Restaurant Review: Dabbous, London"
+ Financial Times June 9, 2012"Reveiw: Dabbous, London"
Address: 39 Whitfield Street
Phone: 44 20 7323 1544
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