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Red Rooster


Manhattan hot spot, in Harlem, by super-star chef Marcus Samuelsson. Back in the day, The Red Rooster was a popular restaurant and a place to be seen in Harlem.  Samuelsson, a Harlem resident for six years, has reinvented the long-defunct restaurant  in a new setting boasting a hip, stylish interior that pays homage to the original. The menu features "American comfort food  through the eyes of an immigrant."  [Vogue]   Major bar scene.   Click here to read a March 2011 review of the Red Rooster by the New York Times.   Click here to learn more about the Red Rooster and Harlem's cool scene from this July 2011 NY Times article, The Downtown Crowd Finds an Uptown Perch.

Red Rooster is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in New York City, Harlem, featured and recommended by:
+ Vanity Fair November 2013"My stuff: Marcus Samelsson"
+ Vogue September 2010"Harlem Renaissance (Red Rooster)"
Address: 310 Lenox Avenue, 126 St.
Phone: 1 212 792 9001
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