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Big D's Grill

An insider, good value restaurant for foodies in Singapore. "Big D’s Grill is in a former coffee shop in the middle of a small hawker center. Although it has the same simple plastic tables and glaring fluorescent lighting that you’ll find at a typical Singaporean street food stand, there are obvious signs that something unusual is cooking: an ambitious young team of sous-chefs is squeezed together in the closet-size open kitchen; professional pots and pans hang from the wall; and a small crowd of conspicuously stylish urbanites is waiting in line or crowding in at the tables." [NY Times]   Click here to learn about chef/owner Damian D’Silva in the October 2009 New York Times article on Singapore's edgy, new culinary scene.
Big D's Grill is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in Singapore, featured and recommended by:
+ Our Friends October 20, 2009
Address: Block 18 Bedok South Road, #01-87 Kim Koon Coffeeshop
Phone: 65 9662 7040
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