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Momofuku Ko Restaurant

East Village

Tatler writes, "To young New York foodies, the no-frills, no-reservation Momofuku has become... iconic." Wallpaper calls Momofuku Ko the "third installment from New York's pork-loving mini-mogul David Chang, and it's also the coolest....It offers an antidote to the mad rush and attitude at Ssäm and the standby crowd at Noodle. Momofuku Ko is cave-like and intimate, with just a dozen seats around a small open kitchen, where three chefs prepare and serve American food, deliberately and calmly." [Wallpaper]   Tatler adds, "... More than 1,000 people a day compete for one of its 12 seats. There's no menu, no wine list, no parties over four and you have to provide ID to prove the booking is yours. The food's insanely good -- Chang is Ferran Adria on acid. "  No telephone number listed but check out the web site for hours, reservations.  Read the attached FT article for a review of the buzzy sister restaurant, Momofuko Ssäm Bar.  For even more info, read the attached, October 2009 Elle article, The Cult of Momofuko.   Click here for an October 2015 NYTimes review of Momofuku Ko's updated menu.

Momofuku Ko Restaurant is a savvy-insider, cool place to eat in New York City, East Village, featured and recommended by:
+ Town and Country September 2014"Cork Crusader (Momofuku)"
+ Tatler March 2013"City Cheat Sheet: New York"
+ Elle October 2009"The Cult of Momofuku"
+ Tatler October 2008"Inside Track"
+ Financial Times August 9, 2008"Restaurant Review"
+ Wallpaper June 2008"Departure Info"
Address: 163 First Avenue, between 10th and 11th St.
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