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La Feliz


Not a hotel, not a restaurant, but we at Fabsearch love B.A. as the epicenter of cutting-edge design of all types.  And besides, how can we pass up the name, "La Feliz" - happiness?  We feel the passion.  "The space itself, housed in typical 19th-century Palermitano house, is set over four rooms and is arranged as a mock home complete with living and dining rooms. Designed by the owners themselves, the store’s Pino Tea wooden floors and muted colour scheme do much to highlight the wares."  [Wallpaper]  Learn more about La Feliz in the attached 2017 travel review by British tastemaker, Wallpaper.  Click here to discover other cool shops in Buenos Aires, showcased by The New York Times in October 2017.

La Feliz is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Buenos Aires, Palermo, featured and recommended by:
+ Wallpaper August 10, 2017"Shop review: La Feliz, Buenos Aires"
Address: Pasaje Santa Rosa 4932
Phone: 54.11 4832 3916
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