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Villa Maia

Fourvieère hill

Wallpaper admired the slick interior of Villa Maïa by acclaimed French designer Jacques Grange.   "Located atop Lyon’s Fourvieère hill, what was once the site of a former hospital now houses a four-storey building designed by Paris-based Jean-Michel Wilmotte."  "Outside of the hotel, the tangle of cobblestone streets and the hodgepodge of gothic and Renaissance architecture of the city’s old town is just a 10-minute stroll away."  [Wallpaper]

Villa Maia is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Lyon, Fourvieère hill, featured and recommended by:
+ Wallpaper August 17, 2017"Hotel review: Villa Maia, Lyon"
Address: 8 Rue Pierre Marion
Phone: 33.4 7816 0101
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