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Martha Washington Hotel


"The newest addition to the superhot area of New York only recently worthy of an acronym (NoMad) is this turn-of-the-century hotel updated by 
the starchitect Annabelle Selldorf. Its restaurant, Marta, resembles a Roman pizzeria, with an immense open-fire 
grill and wood-burning ovens churning out inventive takes 
on traditional pizzas, like carbonara (egg, potato, guanciale, and pecorino) and trippa alla Romana (tripe, 
chili flakes, pecorino, mint)."   Learn more about the Martha Washtngton Hotel in the attached, February 2015 W Magazine review.

Martha Washington Hotel is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in New York City, NoMad, featured and recommended by:

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Address: 29 East 29th Street
Phone: 1 212-689 1900
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