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The Sanchaya

Brintan Island, Indonesia - 45 minutes by boat

Chic getaway from Singapore, on the northeast coast of Brintan Island, Indonesia, just 45- minutes by boat from Singapore.  "This nine-suite, 21-villa designed like a colonial estate, with low-lying architecture, verandas, balconies, close-clipped lawns, a croquet pitch and a peppering of palms casting their shadows over afternoon tea. Each room features a different southeast Asian aesthetic, from Thai to Cambodian to Burmese, and there’s also a man-made lagoon and sun-scorched natural white beach."  [FT]  Learn more about The Sanchaya in the attached, April 2014 FT How to spend it review by Sophy Roberts. 

The Sanchaya is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Singapore, Brintan Island, Indonesia - 45 minutes by boat, featured and recommended by:

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