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Hotel Eugène en Ville


Wallpaper admired the sophisticated, masculine-leaning interiors of this attractively-priced boutique hotel.  "The 'Eugène' in question at the new Hotel Eugène en Ville is the 19th century novelist Eugène Sue, and this well-heeled corner of Paris' 9th arrondissement is so untouched by modernity that you can almost sense him penning away in the mise-en-scène," writes Wallpaper.   "[A] canteen serves up charcuterie plates and iced Brittany oysters from a tin-faced bar under stamped-tin ceilings - fuel for a night at the Opéra or a stroll to the faded Pigalle."  [Wallpaper]   Good-value rooms from 150 Euro.    Learn more about Hotel Eugène en Ville in the attached, February 2014 Wallpaper review.

Hotel Eugène en Ville is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Paris, 9th, featured and recommended by:
+ Wallpaper February 17, 2014"February travel news: editors' picks"
Address: 6 rue Buffault
Phone: 33 1 40 22 04 34
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