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The Marlton

West Village
Hot new boutique hotel in the West Village by Sean McPherson, the downtown fixture behind the Jane and The Bowery.  "Once home to writers Jack Kerouac and F Scott Fitzgerald, the 107-room lodgings now boast a touch of charming French design, from original herringbone wood floors, to the brass fixtures throughout. "  [Wallpaper]   In January 2014, Vogue praised The Marlton as a new downtown hotspot as well as its buzzy new late-night bistro.  Learn more about The Marlton in the attached Wallpaper and Vanity Fair reviews.   Click here to read a May 2014 NY Times' review of The Marlton's fashion crowd scene.  "No one can say for sure why the fashion world has migrated en masse to the Marlton Hotel, and its restaurant, the Margaux, over the last few months. It didn’t even exist during last year’s September fashion shows. But everyone does agree: It’s a thing now." [NYT]
The Marlton is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in New York City, West Village, featured and recommended by:
+ Vogue January 2014"Head Downtown"
+ Wallpaper October 24, 2013"October travel news: editors' picks"
+ Vanity Fair August 14, 2013"Poetic Hideaway (The Marlton)"
Address: 5 West 8th Street
Phone: 1 212 321 0100
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