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Pod 39

Murray Hill, Midtown

Cool new boutique hotel providing hip affordable "pod size" rooms in the center of Manhattan.  The second Pod Hotel in NYC, this new one offers a "destination" lobby as a major hang-out space (since the rooms are small).  "Conceived as a dynamic communal space for guests, who can already interact with fellow travellers via an innovative online chat system, the lobby boasts a bar, oversized fireplace and two ping-pong tables.  Throw in chef April Bloomfield's rated taqueria, Salvation Taco."  [Wallpaper]    Read more about Pod 39 in the attached, March 2013 Wallpaper review.

Pod 39 is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in New York City, Murray Hill, Midtown, featured and recommended by:
Address: 145 E. 39th St.
Phone: 1 212 355 0300
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