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near Artic Circle, Harads

Stylish, remote chill out spot for nature lovers, in a heavily forested region 40 miles from the Arctic Circle, in Hapland, Sweden. "Now you see it, now you don't. The Surrealists would have approved of the Mirrorcube, one of five intriguing rooms at Treehotel in the tiny village of Harads," writes Harper's Bazaar in its June 2012 article on art-inspired getaways. "This is a homely, retro-styled place with log fires and an outdoor hot tub, where you can dine locally sources dishes throughout the day and bake your own bread in the wood-fired ovens."   In October 2012,  style maven Delfina Delettrez (a fourth generation Fendi) tells Vanity Fair that the Treehotel is her "favorite" hotel.   The ultimate tree house adventure.

Treehotel is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Sweden, near Artic Circle, Harads, featured and recommended by:
+ Vanity Fair October 2012"My Stuff: Delfina Delettrez"
+ British Harper's Bazaar June 2012"Bazaar's perfect weekend: art-inspired getaways"

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