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Himachal Vipassana Centre

McLeod Ganj

10-day buddhist boot camp in the Indian Himalayas.  There is no alcohol, no email – and no talking. The Himachal Vipassana Centre is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, "clinging to the flank of a valley above the town of McLeod Ganj, where exiled Tibetans, led by the Dalai Lama, co-exist with a backpackers’ nirvana of hostels, trinket shops and bars." [FT] Matthew Green writes for the FT, "The deal seems simple: you agree not to talk for 10 days, promise to invest 100 hours of arduous mental effort – starting each day at 4am – and forswear alcohol, email and mobiles. In return, you acquire a 2,500-year-old technique that, in theory, can end all suffering. There is no fee: you donate what you wish at the end." Learn more in the attached, January 2012 FT review of Himachal Vipassana Centre.  The ultimate chill adventure holiday.  Great spot to meditate, away from it all.

Himachal Vipassana Centre is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Himalayas, McLeod Ganj, featured and recommended by:
+ Financial Times January 6, 2012"Meditation Vacation (in the Himalayas)"
Phone: 91 892 221 309
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