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Les Manoirs des Tourgéville

Deauville, Tourgéville

Slick Norman-style resort in Deauville.  Harper's Bazaar remarks in the attached April 2017 review,  "A countryside getaway popular with Parisians escaping the city for a weekend, Les Manoirs de Tourgéville provides the perfect opportunity to unwind, delivering an experience that feels more akin to a stay in a private French cottage than a hotel."   Click here to learn more about Normandy's glam scene in the August 2010, NY Times article,  Normandy's Quiet Glamour.    Also check out the attached, May 2011 FT travel article on Deauville, Kingdom of elegance.

Les Manoirs des Tourgéville is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Normandy, Deauville, Tourgéville, featured and recommended by:
+ British Harper's Bazaar March 30, 2017"Hotel review: Les Manoirs de Tourg"
+ Financial Times May 6, 2011"Kingdom of elegance (Deauville)"
+ Our Friends August 5, 2010
Address: 13 chemin de l’Orguei
Phone: 33 2 31 14 48 68
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