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Round Island Praslin

In February 2011, Harper's Bazaar raved about Round's Island's 'impossibly chic" Crusoe-style villa on its highest point. [Return to Eden]  "A tiny green dot with a white-sand outline, Round Island Praslin is the sort of tropical paradise that you used to draw at school. Lush green foliage rises to a peak, semi-hiding traditional Creole-style villas, with gorgeous terraces and delicious, dip-worthy pools, which exude a uniquely tropical type of luxury." [Mr and Mrs Smith]
Round Island Praslin is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Seychelles, Praslin, featured and recommended by:
+ British Harper's Bazaar February 2011"Return to Eden: Mahe, Seychelles"
+ Our Friends February 10, 2010
Address: Baie Sainte Anne
Phone: 248 527282
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