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Ramganga Valley

Those in search of a luxury tours of the Himalayas should check out Shakti. They operate a posh, private tented camp, 7000 feet up in the Ramganga Valley of the Himalayas. decked out with four-poster beds, teak furniture and brass bucket baths with hot water. Service is "exemplary" -- candlelit dinners with fine china, excellent food, fabulous wine. "It's beautifully romantic and Victorian," says Tatler. On the web site, you can also find 360 Leti, a swanky modernist lodge named by Tatler as one of the 2009 Best 101 Hotels.  In July 2012, Tatler announced the launch of three new houses in Ladakh by Shakti Himalaya "that are even more remote and even more ravishing than their predecessors. Likhit has the hands-down best views; the house at Shey is perfectly placed for visits to royal palaces, monasteries and temples. Our [Tatler's] favourite house is furthest away -- creaking 200 year old Egoo, reached by a rugged road through a lush valley, the starting point for Marshall's Walk, an uplifting trek over the mountains. Don't be lulled into thinking it's entirely smart -- power is off and on, which means you either read by torchlight or bring your favourite lover." [Tatler]   In the attached FT review, Shatki Himalaya was named a top, undiscovered travel destination for 2013.

Shakti is a savvy-insider, cool place to stay in Himalayas, Ramganga Valley, featured and recommended by:
+ Financial Times January 4, 2013"Best under-the-radar travel destinations 2013"
+ Tatler July 2012"Summer of Loveliest"
+ Tatler February 2006"Be the first to know, the first to go"

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